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POS software may be the most important decision that you will make in your business. Business owners need to find a solution that fits all of their needs. Let’s face it, POS software needs to perform retail sales and be as secure as possible. It has to be versatile enough to run a business, track inventory, export accounting reports and maybe run tabs.
CuetPOS software is the perfect solution for bars, poolrooms, and restaurants. It carries out all of the necessary standard restaurant and bar functions, adds sales to tables, performs, inventory control, runs tabs and offers itemized sales accounting reports. Sales Tracker is available alone, but if you need hardware, touch screen and standard turnkey systems are available. Operate your room knowing that you’re in safe hands.
Optimize sales

With order/pay at table

Custom Room layout

With table/bar/game icons

Custom Cards

For membership, gift card, and employee

Peace of mind

With automatic Backup and Recovery

Enhanced speed

Maximize efficiency

Lifetime Support

With automatic updates

CuetPOS Billiards Management Software and POS Software Features List

OVER 250 FEATURES vital to the success of bars, restaurants and pool rooms.

Quality of Life features

  • Easy employee use
  • Easy programmable inventory
  • Easy programmable buttons
  • Easy Out of Stock Setting
  • Easy Check-In & Check-Out
  • Drag n’ Drop buttons
  • Drag n’ Drop Button layout
  • Drag n’ Drop Table layout
  • Custom Tip suggestion
  • 2 Stage tipping
  • Tip Editing
  • Autobatch
  • Custom rounding to nearest
  • Cash tip tracking
  • Out of stock designation
  • Inventory tracking to three decimals
  • Ingredients for POS items
  • Recipe for POS items
  • Unlimited receipt storage
  • Onscreen Table Alerts
  • Texting Table Alerts
  • Cash Tip tracking
  • Ingredient Control Inventory for mixed drinks
  • Inventory Control
  • Multiple Table layouts
  • Multiple Button Layouts
  • Ability to turn off taxes on sales items and table time
  • Automatic rate changeover control
  • Transaction search
  • Reopen tabs
  • Multiple Printer Support
  • Export reports as PDFs
  • Export reports as Excel spreadsheets
  • Access External Programs
  • Tablet support
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Cash Drawer Calculator
  • Unlimited numbers of tables/facilities
  • Unlimited rate code sets
  • Power outage backup
  • Round up or down to the nearest dime, nickel or quarter for all transactions
  • Upgraded graphics

Support Features

  • Automatic Free Updates
  • Database Support
  • Cash Drawer, Receipt printer, Pole Display and Barcode Scanner Supports
  • Supports touch screens
  • Supports Windows 95/95, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Free technical support
  • Online video tutorials
  • Database utilities
  • Online support and FAQs

Security Features

  • Integrated EMV credit card processing
  • Incremental card pre-authorization
  • Employee permission control for added security
  • Assign Operator Passwords/Access Rights
  • High Configurable Security
  • Lock Program for Security
  • Password Login
  • Data Encryption
  • Operator Password Login
  • Automatic Backup and Recovery
  • Database Backup

Employee Features

  • Custom Job Titles
  • Multiple Wage per Employee
  • Auto-logout of Employee
  • Custom Wage Reports
  • Employee only tab display
  • Manager Only Buttons
  • Employee card swipe entry
  • Operator History and Log
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Employee hours management
  • Daily/Weekly overtime
  • Employee sales reports
  • Employee void reports
  • Employee comp/discount reports
  • Employee spill reports
  • Employee permissions control
  • Employee drawer reports
  • Cash/Check/Credit Summary for Each Shift
  • Hidden/viewable sales from employees
  • Labor and employee tracking

Customizable Features

  • Add logo to receipts
  • YTD, MTD, and custom reports
  • Custom table alarms
  • 30 Custom Facility Types for layout
  • Custom Point of Sale Button layout
  • Custom Interface Design
  • Custom Messaging for Orders
  • Custom layout includes (but not limited to) pool tables, dining tables, bars, bar stools, darts, foosball, table tennis, shuffleboard, poker, surf boards, motorcycle/bicycle, lasertag, etc…
  • Customized minimum charges
  • Custom Table/Room layout
  • Custom table names
  • Advance Customer Management with Credit & Debit Account Handling
  • Advance custom Reporting
  • Custom change settings
  • Custom date changeover
  • Custom loyalty
  • Custom buttons for voids
  • Custom button for comps/discounts
  • Custom buttons for spills
  • Custom button for waiting list text messages
  • Custom Membership cards
  • Custom Employee cards
  • Custom Gift Cards
  • Custom Graphical Table Layout
  • Custom table pausing
  • Custom cool down pausing time
  • Fully Detailed Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly/Customized Reports
  • Print/Customize Receipts

Sales Features

  • 15 special rates codes
  • 15 Table Rate specials
  • 15 Specials for POS items
  • 60 types of specials
  • Send Order to 5 order printers
  • Operate Multiple cash registers
  • Programmable receipts
  • Add sales to table
  • Add sales to players
  • Reservations
  • Walkout protection
  • Credit card on file ability
  • Tip on terminal
  • Signature on terminal
  • Incremental preauthorizations
  • League/tournament table designation
  • Quick sales mode
  • Partial payment support
  • Gift cards
  • Gift vouchers
  • Pay-in and pay-out support
  • Charge by table or player for different tables
  • 3 separate programmable tax rates
  • Minimum Rental Time
  • Minimum Rental Charge
  • Rental by Player
  • Rental by Table
  • Flat Rate Player Rate
  • Flat Rate Table Rate
  • Rental Review of Previous Rentals
  • Extra Rental Fees such as rental cues, rental racks, etc…
  • Credit Buttons
  • Multiple user drawer
  • Single user drawer
  • Order at table
  • Pay at table
  • Barcode Scanning, Inventory, and Checkout
  • Tax included setting
  • Tax excluded setting
  • Tax exempt at checkout
  • Tipping
  • Tip editing
  • Suggested tipping
  • Loyalty redemption
  • Configurable Memberships
  • Membership pricing for pool
  • Membership pricing for select point of sale items
  • Multiple Rates per Day and Happy Hours
  • Happy Hours pricing for POS items

Report Features

  • Spillage reports
  • Void reports
  • Discount reports
  • Comp reports
  • Labor reports
  • Edit labor reports
  • Fully Detailed Reports with Graphics
  • Quick view summary of room status
  • Hourly sales reports
  • Hourly accrued profits/sales
  • Drawer reports
  • Historical drawer reports
  • Itemized Sales Summary
  • Review all receipts
  • Playing History (Month/Day/Hour) and Log

Make The Switch

It’s time for pool halls, pool rooms, upscale billiard parlors and bars/restaurants with pool table rental software to discard Aloha POS, Micros POS, Toast POS, Micros, Hot Sauce, Future POS, Point POS, Squirrel POS, Maitre’D POS, Aldelo POS, and every other POS. They do NOT manage pool table rental. CuetPOS has been helping business owners (especially billiard businesses) upgrade and replace their old point of sale solutions to CuetPOS in record numbers.

This will give billiard business owners peace of mind and allow them to relax, knowing that they’re no longer required to remain at their establishment 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Definitive Synergy constantly offers free upgrades to our existing customers, making sure that their business is running efficiently and even more importantly in today’s environment, running safely and secure.

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    We offer in-house financing to our clients with NO credit checks. Additionally, we also offer Paypal financing, layaway plans and 60 days sames as cash options.

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    CuetPOS is the easy-to-use solution created with User Experience in-mind; suited for operation in any food service environment to increase profits.

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Simply put, CuetPOS is the best software available for operating and managing pool rooms and has been voted the best billiards management and the best POS software programs by billiards media and pool room owners. We’ve been perfecting our software for 20 years and have the most comprehensive feature list in the billiards industry with thousands of pool rooms of all sizes using our software to operate their business. Our decades of dedication has resulted in a beautiful program that performs of all the functions that pool rooms, bars, restaurants and pro shops require.

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