How to Use CuetPOS to Turn on Your Pool Room Lights pool-hall-lighting

Question: How do I install the automatic light controls?

Answer:  The light controls are simple to install.  The controllers and modules are designed to plug into existing outlet and your lights plug directly into the modules.  The most important issue is that the controller and the light controls outlets are on the same phase, but being on the same breaker is the best choice.  With LED lights, this no longer presents an issue.

Several light control companies are experiencing issues working with Windows 8 and Windows 10. If you are using our program and are experiencing issues with your light controls, we’re here to help. CuetPOS can control lights for just about any pool room in existence, even rooms with 110V and 220V electrical systems. Many international billiard businesses and pool rooms have been moving their light controls to CuetPOS for the 220 volt integration and the increased functionality that is more than just turning on and off their lights during rental.

In the past, we only used carrier signal methods to control the lights, integrating many devices and modules from the X-10 and Insteon families of products. Recently, we integrated WiFi by introducing Sonoff switches to our list of compatible devices. If interested in if we control older devices already in your establishment, or for a full list of supported devices, please contact us at 724-602-5223.

CuetPOS can control up to 256 lights. It can dim incandescent and dimmable LED (even several type claiming that they are undimmable), turn on and off lights with table rental, and even send notifications that reserved table time is ending.

We suggest that you use lighting or appliance modules and an Insteon controller. You’ll need one (1) module per table and at least one (1) controller per room. CuetPOS can control multiple controllers simultaneously. Implementing light controls into a room is extremely simple to do.

The best setup for lights is dependent upon the room layout. Sometimes pool rooms have lights on separate breakers. There are fixes for this, either using CuetPOS or using additional hardware.

If you need assistance installing or have questions, please contact us at 800.460.3525 domestic U.S., 724.602.5223 internationally, our contact us page or via our online support chat. We can even perform the installation for you using our online support chat.